Monday, February 9, 2009


A few days ago my mom made me and my family take a personality test and I learned that I am deficient of Gama. So now I need to have a better diet exersice and go to sleep earlier. Later tonight me went to Philidelia to vist my cousin who is in a traveling play. We have not seen him for years so it was nice seeing him only for a little bit. Also I watched the grammys which were boring.........

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lilly Allen

I really don't care for Lilly Allen that much but I was on Myspace and heard her album on her page.
I thought it sounded realy good and I just might have to buy it when it comes out in a few days.

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Raw Honey


This is interesting, my mom bought us raw honey from the grocery store.
I never new that honey looked like this in its purest natrual state.
I guess it shows how much foods can get processed in the factory stage.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctors, I-Hop and CNN


Hello Blogger,

This day I had to go to the doctor to check my thoat (its been sore for several days now) and the nurse had me take a test for streap troat. My brother was worse beacuse he felt weak and he has alergies so he has to take some medicine to make him feel better. After that we (mom, shannon, david, aaron, and I) went to I-hop to eat. I got the never ending pancakes which at the end of the meal made me feel almost sick. I didn't know that sides were served with it, I thought it was just pancakes. The only thing bothersome was that two men were sitting near us and talking about politics (it felt like I was watching CNN!). - Lindsay
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Yay we have snow again!! Hopefully we will get a lot of it and not a little bit of icy stuff like we got last time.
Today I also had a cello class, I have not been since before winter break but I don't mind beacuse I love playing the cello so much. In our group their used to be two other girls,but now there is one beacuse of a certain something (recession). On another note my room looks like a tornado hit it and it really needs to be cleaned up (much like my hair). And a couple of days ago I got my student I.D. card on which I look horrible.
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Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Post

Yesterday I was watching the superbowl and was so happy when the steelers won (Go Pennsylvania!!!!). The 3-D Commercials were alright, but not as cool as I thought they would be. Also eleven days until Amy Diamond competes in Melodifestival 2009, I am so excited about that, I hope she goes directly to the final! Also Shannon my little six year old sister cooked a taquito in the microwave for too long and this happened :