Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thoughts on McCafé.......

Last week when my family and I were running errands, we decided to go to McDonald's for lunch in the drive-tru. Also, I wanted to buy a iced latte McCafe drink because I had seen it in commercials alot and was impressed by the McCafé store I had seen in Washington D.C. When the latte finally came to me and I got a chance to take a small delicious sip, it was slightly disappointing. McDonald's really needs to present more options in their coffee if they want to be considered a serious competitor to Starbucks. But I'm guessing that they eventually want to expand this McCafé menu eventually and are just testing the waters. And unlike the Washington store, the coffee was just okay tasting. I don't know, I'm not sure if I would order a McCafé again. But hopefully they improve because it sounds like a solid idea.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Why is it that when I am often at home I'm very outgoing with my family, but in public I can come across as quite shy? I mean, I am a very friendly person, its just that I often don't know what to say to people, and I don't want to make a fool out of myself. I think when I get older I will be the type of person who will only have a few close friends, rather than many friends in general. Of course like mom often says it could just be the environment that i'm in. For example, in the other neighborhood that we lived in I had a nice group of friends and was very outgoing.But ever since then, I've been so quiet. But I did surprised myself by speaking a lot in the recent college english class that I was in. A lot of the times I prefer to be alone because it helps me think clearer, but at the time I don't want to become a recluse. When I was at school even though there were a lot of people, I still felt lonely and couldn't relate to many people. But I still need some kind socialization.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Search is over!

After days of thinking, wondering if I would ever see it again, I finally found the wonderful movie that I had seem on TCM in amazon for sale! The name of the movie is "Au Revoir Les Enfants", and the setting is around the world war 2 period in France. It tells the tale of a french boy whose mother enrolls him in a all boys boarding school. He is very lonely there until he meets another boy named Julian. At first he just teases him, but soon towards the middle-end of the movie they become friends.But he does not know Julian's biggest secret, he's a Jew!. The whole movie is really touch and sad, especially when Julian's secret is revealed. I highly recommend it.Its only twenty dollars, so maybe I should ask my parents to get it for my 17th birthday...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Goals

I've decided that instead of moping around for three months, i'm going to use this time to improve myself and accomplish thing I wouldn't normally do. Here are my goals for summer 2009:

1. Get my junior's Lisense

2. lose 40 pounds

3. Aim for an A iny Science and History classes

4. Open my Amy website

5. Improve my self grooming and style

6. Master the Art of Crochet and Cello

7. Get a Job

8. Become more organized

9. Get more Sleep

10. Limit computer time


I am so happy that I made it through this weeks worth of biology classes.
When I first heard this class would be four hours long, I wasn't sure that I would be able to still in it all and stay awake. But I did, and i'm so proud of myself!One important thing that must be done in preparation for next week is to read ahead,and get lots of sleep. I cannot stay up all night and expect to pass this class. The teacher also seemed very and and passionate about the subject, which is a very good thing. The classroom is a full lab and not a small room like the English class (which I got a "B" in!). Lab should be my biggest struggle, as I wasn't so good at them in middle school, but i'm sure that i'll make it if I work smart!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Too much of a good thing

Star trek is a good movie. And Imax is a great exciting way to watch movies.
So it would make sense that two good things would fit together, right?.
But when me and my mom went to the Imax theater at the Franklin, it was too overwhelming. It felt like I was being squished and the screen seamed stretched.
Some movies are just not made for this type of thing.


The other day I was wishing for lipstick that would moisturize and color my lips. Before I was using only lip gloss, and today I discovered this while searching the net:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Silent movies

Movies have always been an activity that I have enjoyed for many years now.And I am a big history buff,so it would make perfect sense that I'd love silent movies as well. It's just interesting to watch one and see what the culture was like and how people experienced life in motion instead of reading it from a history book.I just wish that I could have been around during that time so I could watch the other 80% percent of the films that were destroyed and lost (I mean nitrate film, really?). It's also really cute how all the women look that human baby doll, when I was younger, I didn't notice that at all. To add to that I also found on wikipedia that the old films we see today are slow than in the 1910s and 1920s, which really gives you a different feel. I can see why most of the films that people like to watch on TCM are comedy, because you don't need words to make people laugh, just huge movement.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Morning Photo Post

My Beauty Ritual:

Air Freshener:

Dad rebounding for my health:

Outfit for morning run:

Running Shoes:


Thursday, May 14, 2009


I personally think that this is my best outfits that i've ever put together:

Great Wednesday

Hello People!

Yesterday was so great because me and my brothers went to the movie theater to go see Star Trek! It was a really good film, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and was probably one of the best films I have seen this year. My mom didn't want me to get popcorn the last time me and her went to see a movie,but this time I completely needed it!

Earlier in the day I finally got my school books for my upcoming science class that starts next week. This time I have to really focus and not procrastinate anymore because I need to not stress myself out anymore. My siblings also had a homeschool class at the YMCA and I had to workout there. But the only problem was that my sneakers were left at home and that made my feet hurt.

After dinnertime David opened his presents for his 14th birthday, and Shannon even wrapped most of the presents which were a pen, a notepad, his cellphone, and a digital camera.

My new school books:

Bonus Picture, David flying his kite:

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well! It such a warm and beautiful afternoon today! The weather was almost perfect here. It was so nice that my mom decided to take advantage of it by running some important errands. The first stop that me, my little sister, and my mom did was look for the ice skating rink. Today was Monday which is usually homeschool day, but since we were late to it, Mom decided just look for it to figure out where the ice rink was so we could possibly skate during the summer. After about 30 minutes, we finally found the place, and it was nowhere near where mom thought it would be.

The next stop was the public library, which reminded me that I should really get back into reading again. Shannon was suppose to return her Dora DVD, but she was sneaky and "Forgot" to put it back in it's case, and on top of that she got to rent an "Alvin and the chipmunks" Movie and keep the other movie for a week.

As food the restaurant of choice was "Peace of Pizza". This pizza place is very cozy and is known for its retro feel and unusual types of pizza. I got "Mac and Cheese" and BBQ pizza. Shannon even got a free cookie just for being adorable. The only complaint I have about this place is that they should actually play some retro music instead of modern. Mom then preceded to take us to a camera store that was going out of business to see if she could find some deals (The effect of the recession!) but nothing there caught her eye.

At the moment I am drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate and watching an NBA playoffs game (Dallas vs. Denver I think?)


Yesterday was mothers day and to make herself content, my mom cleaned up the house and relaxed all day. She was also super excited when my dad gave her a mini laptop as a present, she had no idea (but we did). Since nobody wanted to go to the movies with my mom to see the Soloist with Jamie Foxx (Too dramatic for them). I decided to go. Before the movie we went to wawa to get candy for the film (I got twix naked juice, water, and some other candy). A great thing that happened was when Mom dropped money at the ATM machine, and a nice man who drove a motorcycle took it up to the cashier to show that someone lost their money (he could have easily taken it).
At the box office, my youthful looks gave me a advantage as the movie worker charged me only for a children's ticket. The movie in my opinion was better than I thought, but it was still no slumgdog millionaire.

A few days ago my Aaron my little brother made some apple turnovers, and they were delicious!

And sometime after that, Shannon iced Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls all by herself!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Going to Scotland!!!!

Tonight I learned from my mom that the homeschool handbell choir that i'm in is letting my little brother go to Scotland with the traveling choir, and they want me to come to play percussion instruments. I feel so happy inside, i've never been to Europe before!And it will be the first time that I will get to ride in a plane (minus when I was a baby). I still feel a little sorry for my other brother David.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh Great! Yet again I wake up around 4 o'clock and miss most of the day (darn you computer addiction !). Mom has been down my back about doing my math lessons so I can graduate. I mean to but I always feel too lazy to look at them and take notes, plus math is my weakest subject and the lessons are really boring. But I want to pass 10th grade so I should try to put more effort in studying.

Later today, my little brother Aaron was kind enough to make apple turnovers for all of the family (they were very good!) And I thought he had abandoned cooking for sports!

Another thing, on Tuesday I had a cello lesson and we were late because I kept trying to look for my blue cello book which I couldn't find lass week. Mom kept honking and screaming at me to go, but I finally found it in my parent room? When I got the Church my teacher seemed to already have pieces that I could learn, but was relieved that I found my book. I'm kind of thankful that my Mother played lots of classical songs when I was younger because now it makes practicing music much easier since I recognize a lot of the songs. Another note, My teacher told me we didn't even have class last week, so all the running and crying and screaming that I did was worthless(My mom had to call in saying we wouldn't make it).

Monday, May 4, 2009


Oww!!! My period is on today and the cramps are absolutely horrible.
That's one thing I hate about being a girl. On the other hand I turned in my final papers and I'm officially done my first ever college course (I hope I get a nice grade!). After school, I went with my Mom and siblings to panera bread. I got a turkey sandwich and a mango smoothie (mmmm......). Now I am lying in bed in pain. And my Little brother Aaron keeps moaning about a DS.


Right now its 5'o clock in the morning, and I am so sleepy.
I'm so tired to mindlessly surfing on the Internet, I should have been working on my college paper revisions, which are due today. Even though the Internet is a great tool I can't help to start thinking that it can make you even more lazy than TV does.
That's why entertainment seems like it is so rehashed nowadays and music is downloaded illegally so often, it's because of laziness. I feel like I have a serious computer usage problem that God and my parents need to help me with. I can bet you a million dollars that when I have children, their computer use will be minimal or only what they need.

On another note, what's really the big deal about twitter? It just seems like facebook status to me. I don't know why everybody would need to know what you are doing all the everyday. This just seems like a waste of time and will soon go the way of xanga and friendster.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today I woke up at 3:00 in the afternoon! I really have to go to bed earlier instead of mindlessly surfing on the Internet all night. I tried to make it up a little bit by putting away some of the dishes and vacuuming the steps. I feel that this is making me weaker and miss most of the lovely day and sunshine. I wished i hadn't woken up so late because I am almost starving for food now. Monday I have my last writ ting class and I should probably get chopping on my two papers ! (Film paper and research)


Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was basically a normal day, I had to go to my college class after having class off on Wednesday. I think I should have checked the weather online before I asked my dad to drive me because as soon as we got to the community college, it started pouring heavy rain. Then dad started yelling about me bringing my computer since it could short circuit in the rain. Class actually turned out to be very short ( only ten minutes!). I think the reason for this was not many people come to class on Friday. Thank goodness that I had my cell phone because my parents would had not known I was out early ( there was barely any signal). I can't believe that the day I have money, the cafe is closed! Note: on monday, the last day of class. Later that day dad ordered pizza, and I got a p'zone (A little too much for me). Right now I am watching 20/20 with my brother, and i'm thinking I should go to bed soon.