Saturday, May 8, 2010


Why do parents have to nag so much? I know that my mom and dad love me, but honestly they sometimes get on my nerves. I was going to write a nice post about my trip to Scotland, but I now have to walk all the way with my sister to a friends house. I normally wouldn't have a problem with this but I just have this urge to write and if I go and come back, I don't think I would be in the same mood. Plus I'm not in the best shape and this walk will tired me out especially with my sister running around. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive today. I should've went to bed earlier.Another thing, why does my sister have to cut all her doll beautiful hair off? Is this just a little kid thing? I anoyes me so much to see her just cut off her dolls hair and turn it into a lobsided short haircut. I brings me back to the time when my little brother Aaron cut off all the hair of my Barbie doll in 2001.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

UTCS0410 (or 07)

Soon this thing will finally disappear from my brain forever.Thank goodness I really hate C-bots, they are such a pain. But at least I've identified what is is and not to let it have total control over me. My mom said it's just a normal part of being a teenager so maybe I will just have to get used to them. But at least i'm better than I was in september. In college I can't be acting like a turtle around these things. And maybe in the future I can transform one into a F-bot without the thought of it hurting.

P.s. I know none of you have any clue what I'm talking about.