Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So its been a about a week since I last updated my blog and I wanted to share with all of you what I have been up to lately:

All of last week I was a camp counselor at the Church of the Open Door bible. I worked in the arts and craft department like I did last year, but I'm thinking next year that I might want to work in 1st grade or Kindergarten. was a little bit more tired than last year because I had to leave early for that four hour biology summer class (never taking a summer class again). It was exciting to see all the children so happy and excited (one kindergartner kept hugging me and jumping on me). Shannon (My little sister) was so adorable during the evening program on Friday because she was so into the songs.

Today I went to my homeschooling evaluation and Mrs. Naomi said that I would be able to pass to the next grade (11th) . I just need to work harder this up coming school year so my mom will have less stress and headaches at the last minute. I also missed biology class today but I emailed my teacher afterwards so I hope he understands.

My charger won't charge my laptop so I called customer service and they're sending a replacement that should be here tomorrow (second attempt). After that I will be blogging more and will upload more pictures.

A few days ago me and my sibilings went to the Clift's house for Laurie's graduation party, and I watched Phantom of the Opera with Jenny and Tori.

I also have recently discovered the joy of facebook and found alot of old friends through it.

Much Love!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

My To do List 6/22/09 - 6/27/09

1. Finish "YourTeacher" Math

2. Write 10 page paper on Japan

3. Complete 1st week on Couch to 5k

4. Keep up w/ Biology Work

5. Finnish Amy Website

6. Help Mom with portfolio

7. Get Enough Sleep


I'm sorry that I couldn't take a picture, its because my computer memory is almost full. But today was nice and while I was still tired (I stayed up too late), mom made us go to Church since that is a good way to stay sane. The sermon was okay, I think I would liked it better If I wasn't tired. And the minister was very passionate about the lord and yelled a lot (This was a Baptist Church). After the Church we went home and I just crashed on the bed and talked to mom for a while. I have so much to do now until the end of the week that its not even funny. We also gave dad his father's day's gifts (Sorry dad, we'll treat you better on your birthday) .And on the Wii fit it said that I now weigh 113 pounds (right...) So tonight I will make sure that I'm in bed early so enough energy comes to me in the morning.

Today's Dinner:

Seasoned Lamb Chops
Salted Pasta
Seasoned Kelp and etc..
Dessert: 7- Up Pound Cake

Hilay And Jackie

A few days ago I saw this wonderful movie on indieplex called "Hilary and Jackie. I thought the whole movie was so beautiful, it was about two sisters, named Hilary and Jackie who were both musicians (Hilary played the flute and Jackie played the cello). Jackie was the more loved sister and became more famous than her sister but eventually became deadly ill and slowly wasted away. The movie showed each sisters perspective in the time frame and made me cry a lot in some moments, I think everyone should see because its based on a true story of Hilary and Jacqueline du pre and so touching.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bus Adventure

So this is what happened one day when was planning to take the bus: It was around 4:17 and after my biology class. Mom was sick and I had some extra money so she suggested that I go to the mall and she or dad would pick me up later in the day. I agreed but I wondered if the bus would take me close to home since I had seen buses pick up people close to my house before.

So I searched on SEPTA.com and found a plan your own trip schedule which I made a plan of which bus to go. When to time came to get on I payed my fare and sat down close to the bus driver in excitement. But when we were my stop I got nervous. "It's just a side walk near the road" (Referring to the bus stop) I said to myself. The bus driver saw I looked nervous and asked me if I was new to riding the bus (I said yes). Then he looked at the schedule and said it was wrong. He told me that I should wait until the end of the line in Chestnut Hill! That was so far from home, I just couldn't call mom, she'd worry too much. After a longer drive we arrived at my next stop. I cringed when I sat down next to a man smoking next to me. "I shouldn't be here, this is practically the city!" Everything there was so cold, old and damp, and it was raining a bit too. Then I signed with relief when my bus showed up just like that bus driver had said. The bus didn't exactly stop at my house, but close to it, and I had to walk on grass close to the road to get home, but it was okay. When I got closer I called my mom to let her know that I was okay and opened the door, everyone wad shocked, and even more when I told them how I got home

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a week!

Ever since Monday, a lot has happened to me.In biology class we had a few quizzes which I only got half of the questions on.

Later I went to a tutor and she told me that I bit off way more than I can chew, and that maybe I should consider a, auditing the class (taking it without credit). When I told mom, she said I just need to work smarter and stay on task. It's just really difficult because I didn't know that I was going to be taking one of the hardest classes in the whole college.

Also, we had a few labs this week (One microscope, one enzyme, and another one I forget). I lost the e-mail of the person I was working with, so I didn't know what part of questions to work on and I emailed her the questions far too late, and I feel awful, so I have to remember to apologize to them on Monday (I'm not a hands on person). And I also had an interesting bus adventure which I'll tell you about more in detail in another post.

So this weekend I just have to spend most of the time studying so I can pass this next test. I would upload some pictures, but my camera's batteries are dead so I will wait later.

Much Love,

Monday, June 8, 2009

Movie Time

Now i'm back from class and ready to kick back and relax, at least for a little while. I feel so exhausted and worn out from biology. Mom sugessted that I watch "the curious case of Benjamin Button". So I'm going to take some snacks and go watch the movie in the home theater.

Here we go!

Hello everybody,

Right now I'm about to go to class and take my test, so wish me luck!
I'm not sure if I got the right amount of sleep last night, but I think that I studied hard enough to do well. Last week I got an F on my first test, but the lowest test score gets erased so I still have a chance to do well. For breakfast I ate cereal and chamomile tea, and we also went to wawa for snacks.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gone Fishing...

While I was laying in bed my sister Shannon kept begging me to take her to one of her friends house (an Indian family). I kept refusing untill my mother practically made me go outside beacuse of fresh air. When we got to their house , their grandfather Abraham said that they went for a walk near where the pound was, so thats where we headed toward. To my suprise, the whole family was carefull observing my two brothers search for fish in the water. David said he needed a bigger net, and I wanted to get my camera and some water, so I left my sister with Aaron and took David's bike and rode home. Once I got home I relized that I was out of shape.Once I got my things the other family had left,so the rest of us spent the rest of the time looking for creatures.

The Pictures:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bat for lashes

Have any of you heard of this singer? I discovered her a few days ago and think shes simply divine. Her music just puts you into a dreamy carefree trance. My favorite songs of hers are "Daniel" and "What's a girl to do?".
Links bellow:

My study tools!

Wow, I woke up far to late to get anything on my list done (6 PM ).
But I did manage to get in some study time before bed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What is this?

If you live in the United States of America, and have watched NBC for the past couple of weeks, you would know by now that they are trying to push a new show called "the listener. I really dislike this show so much. And do you want to knwo why? It's beacuse the main character abd premise of the show is based off the character of Matt Parkman of Heroes, which is strangley also on NBC! I mean, there are so many diffrent ideas that you could have for a new show, and this is all they could come up with? Where's the orginallity? I'm so tired of having remakes of movies and rip-off, people have brains, use them! I thought NBC would be smarter than this, and whats worse, he has a similar job and looks to the mind reader on Heroes. I for one will not be supporting this and I hope it get cancelled.

My do to list 6/5/09

Now that its morning time, I think I should plan out what I need to get done today.

1.Exersice in some way

2. Clean my room.

3. Study Biology for at least two hours.

4. Finally complete my Amy Website.

5. Do extra homeschool work so my mom won't be as stressed.

6. Try to help around the house.

Lets see if I can do all that today!

Btw, my little sister lost another tooth:

(the other pictures with her showing her missing front teeth made her look evil).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is a nature post....

Pictures from the hike in valley green last week:


When saw this at the gorcery store I thought it was really strange. I mean fried ice cream ice ceram ? But then I thought "maybe this could be really good" So I eventually convinced my mom to buy it and I'm glad that I did since it tasted really delicious and much better than I thought it would be. So a few days later I almost cried when I found out the box was empty, and what's worse, mom said we couldn't get it the next time we went to the store. :-(

Monday, June 1, 2009


After days or searching, I have finally found the usb plug to transport the pictures into pisca. So tomorrow I will update with pictures of what I have been doing over the last few days.

One thing I have to say, summer biology class is really hard. After the session is over I always feel too drained to do any homework.Durring class I always feel like i'm going to fall asleep and shut my eyes.I know for sure I will never do summer classes again, it's too streesful for me. But now that I've gotten my first test back and my score was below my expectations, I know I can try harder. I the most important thing that I've learned is that every hour of sleep that you get is very important and you cannot concentrate with just four hours of sleep everyday.

I cannot also wait to upload the picture of my hike in Valley green with my sister and mom. The whole surroundings were beautiful and and lovely. I cannot bealieve how much I have been missing by staying outside. From the sound of birds in the air to the rushing sound of water going down a waterfall and the sight of the sunlight toughing the bright green leaves in the air. Shannon was annoying at first since she kept complaining, but after a while she was fine. She just didn't want her picture taken at all. and The only thing was my chest was hurting for some part of the hike so I don't know what that is about.

I remember when I was younger I would run 2 miles often around this area and compare that to now I feel out of shape. I realize now how the girls of Australia's next top model feel in the exercise episodes. You can stay skinny by just proper dieting, but you need to exercise as too so you don't feel too weak.Well I have to go to study now so goodbye until tomorrow!