Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One of my favorite bloggers is a 18 year old Swedish girl who runs a blog called "Foki". Her name's really Anchisa and she used to live in Thailand until she moved to Sweden at the age of 10-11. Her blog is so unique because she posts all these interesting posts about Japanese culture and interesting artwork. I wish there were more bloggers like her. The only thing that bothers me about her is that since she was fifteen she had been living with her boyfriend who is about 6-7 years older than her! (They started dating when she was fourteen) I don't understand how her parents would accept this at all. If I wanted to move in with an older man such a young age, my parents would disown me. How can she be so buddy-buddy with her parents after this happened? And she says next year she and her boyfriend are going to move to Thailand (I wonder how that's going to work out).Maybe it's just a Swedish thing.

Her Website:

Four weeks to go!

Can you believe it! less than a month to go until me and my brother go to Scotland for ten whole days! I can hardly retain my excitement! I'm always counting down the days until the moment arrives! The only part That I'm a bit nervous about is the plane ride (I'm terrified of heights and flying). But besides that I think I'll be fine. I can't wait to try haggis! :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me and My Dreams

Last night I had such a strange dream! Me and my whole family were traveling across a bridge and all of a sudden these police officers near the end told us to get out of the car which we did, and minutes later they pushed it into the water! This happened for everyone on the bridge and we had to get a bus to take us to our destination. Isn't that strange?


I usually don't like cooking beaucse I'm not that good at it, but a while ago I gave myself the challange of making something fresh for breakfast, and I think I really nailed it. I made a spinich fritata, and it was amazing! Maybe i'm just a little bit too hard on myself when it comes cooking. I really need to gain some confidence and find things that I would really love to make (like chocolate chip cookies). I can't be so down in the dumps if I want to go to college next year. I need to get some backbone!

P.s. Sorry for not updating as much, i'm so lazy. :-(