Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's time for a change!

As I look at my blog page I notice something that has been bothering me for a long time; my page really looks ugly and gloomy! I like bright, warm and fun colors, not brown and plain ones. I'm thinking if I looked at my blog page as an outsider, I would find it very uninviting. So I decided that it's time to change the design of the blog!

But the problem is, The templates Blogger has are really unappealing, and they look far too basic and ammeter for the kind of feel I want my Blog to covey. I wish I knew how to make a custom template, but I'm not that tech savvy quite yet.

I think I choose my current design because I would easily fit my header on it, and It was the best looking of the templates Blogger had at the time. Oh well, the most I can do at the moment is to change the best of the blog. Hopefully I can discover a way to download a template onto my site sucessfully, beacuse even i'm getting bored of my color scheme.

Much Love,


Saturday, August 6, 2011


So recently I look at myself in the mirror and saw something extremely unpleasant, facial hair. I'm really freaking out the the moment! I don't want a bread, or a mustache! I decided to look it up on the Internet and figured out that my hairy situation might be caused by my weight gain (which I'm going to curb in the fall). But my mom is taking me on my annual Doctor's Check, so hopefully I can find a solution there.

But for the moment being I'm a little worried right now. Does this mean I'm going to grow a full beard I hope not. Then nobody will want to look at me. I already have enough self esteem issues as it is.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Driver's Permit (2nd Try!)

It's been two years since I failed my knowledge test, and after several months of studying, I'm finally ready to try again. Honestly, after that first test I kind of forgot about getting a drivers licence at all, but hearing about all my facebook friends getting their one by one, and having my little brother talk about studying the driver's manual made me realize that I obtaining a driver's permit is something that I really need to obtain in order to start practice driving. Plus I don't want to want to be like a women I saw at my college (who was around 21) talking about how she was waiting for her mother to pick her up. I really don't want that to be me in several years. I need to start driving in order to make the steps in becoming an adult (more independence).

I feel that the reason I failed before was due to my lack of studying. I had only read the second chapter of the book (which was all about signs) and really neglected the other parts of the book (because I thought the test would be a lot of common sense). But once I started the test, my mind just shut down because I didn't know any of the information on the test.

But now I am very Confident that I can pass my knowledge test to obtain my permit. So,wish me luck next week!