Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So its been a about a week since I last updated my blog and I wanted to share with all of you what I have been up to lately:

All of last week I was a camp counselor at the Church of the Open Door bible. I worked in the arts and craft department like I did last year, but I'm thinking next year that I might want to work in 1st grade or Kindergarten. was a little bit more tired than last year because I had to leave early for that four hour biology summer class (never taking a summer class again). It was exciting to see all the children so happy and excited (one kindergartner kept hugging me and jumping on me). Shannon (My little sister) was so adorable during the evening program on Friday because she was so into the songs.

Today I went to my homeschooling evaluation and Mrs. Naomi said that I would be able to pass to the next grade (11th) . I just need to work harder this up coming school year so my mom will have less stress and headaches at the last minute. I also missed biology class today but I emailed my teacher afterwards so I hope he understands.

My charger won't charge my laptop so I called customer service and they're sending a replacement that should be here tomorrow (second attempt). After that I will be blogging more and will upload more pictures.

A few days ago me and my sibilings went to the Clift's house for Laurie's graduation party, and I watched Phantom of the Opera with Jenny and Tori.

I also have recently discovered the joy of facebook and found alot of old friends through it.

Much Love!


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