Monday, June 1, 2009


After days or searching, I have finally found the usb plug to transport the pictures into pisca. So tomorrow I will update with pictures of what I have been doing over the last few days.

One thing I have to say, summer biology class is really hard. After the session is over I always feel too drained to do any homework.Durring class I always feel like i'm going to fall asleep and shut my eyes.I know for sure I will never do summer classes again, it's too streesful for me. But now that I've gotten my first test back and my score was below my expectations, I know I can try harder. I the most important thing that I've learned is that every hour of sleep that you get is very important and you cannot concentrate with just four hours of sleep everyday.

I cannot also wait to upload the picture of my hike in Valley green with my sister and mom. The whole surroundings were beautiful and and lovely. I cannot bealieve how much I have been missing by staying outside. From the sound of birds in the air to the rushing sound of water going down a waterfall and the sight of the sunlight toughing the bright green leaves in the air. Shannon was annoying at first since she kept complaining, but after a while she was fine. She just didn't want her picture taken at all. and The only thing was my chest was hurting for some part of the hike so I don't know what that is about.

I remember when I was younger I would run 2 miles often around this area and compare that to now I feel out of shape. I realize now how the girls of Australia's next top model feel in the exercise episodes. You can stay skinny by just proper dieting, but you need to exercise as too so you don't feel too weak.Well I have to go to study now so goodbye until tomorrow!

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