Friday, June 19, 2009

Bus Adventure

So this is what happened one day when was planning to take the bus: It was around 4:17 and after my biology class. Mom was sick and I had some extra money so she suggested that I go to the mall and she or dad would pick me up later in the day. I agreed but I wondered if the bus would take me close to home since I had seen buses pick up people close to my house before.

So I searched on and found a plan your own trip schedule which I made a plan of which bus to go. When to time came to get on I payed my fare and sat down close to the bus driver in excitement. But when we were my stop I got nervous. "It's just a side walk near the road" (Referring to the bus stop) I said to myself. The bus driver saw I looked nervous and asked me if I was new to riding the bus (I said yes). Then he looked at the schedule and said it was wrong. He told me that I should wait until the end of the line in Chestnut Hill! That was so far from home, I just couldn't call mom, she'd worry too much. After a longer drive we arrived at my next stop. I cringed when I sat down next to a man smoking next to me. "I shouldn't be here, this is practically the city!" Everything there was so cold, old and damp, and it was raining a bit too. Then I signed with relief when my bus showed up just like that bus driver had said. The bus didn't exactly stop at my house, but close to it, and I had to walk on grass close to the road to get home, but it was okay. When I got closer I called my mom to let her know that I was okay and opened the door, everyone wad shocked, and even more when I told them how I got home

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