Monday, May 11, 2009

Yesterday was mothers day and to make herself content, my mom cleaned up the house and relaxed all day. She was also super excited when my dad gave her a mini laptop as a present, she had no idea (but we did). Since nobody wanted to go to the movies with my mom to see the Soloist with Jamie Foxx (Too dramatic for them). I decided to go. Before the movie we went to wawa to get candy for the film (I got twix naked juice, water, and some other candy). A great thing that happened was when Mom dropped money at the ATM machine, and a nice man who drove a motorcycle took it up to the cashier to show that someone lost their money (he could have easily taken it).
At the box office, my youthful looks gave me a advantage as the movie worker charged me only for a children's ticket. The movie in my opinion was better than I thought, but it was still no slumgdog millionaire.

A few days ago my Aaron my little brother made some apple turnovers, and they were delicious!

And sometime after that, Shannon iced Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls all by herself!

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