Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh Great! Yet again I wake up around 4 o'clock and miss most of the day (darn you computer addiction !). Mom has been down my back about doing my math lessons so I can graduate. I mean to but I always feel too lazy to look at them and take notes, plus math is my weakest subject and the lessons are really boring. But I want to pass 10th grade so I should try to put more effort in studying.

Later today, my little brother Aaron was kind enough to make apple turnovers for all of the family (they were very good!) And I thought he had abandoned cooking for sports!

Another thing, on Tuesday I had a cello lesson and we were late because I kept trying to look for my blue cello book which I couldn't find lass week. Mom kept honking and screaming at me to go, but I finally found it in my parent room? When I got the Church my teacher seemed to already have pieces that I could learn, but was relieved that I found my book. I'm kind of thankful that my Mother played lots of classical songs when I was younger because now it makes practicing music much easier since I recognize a lot of the songs. Another note, My teacher told me we didn't even have class last week, so all the running and crying and screaming that I did was worthless(My mom had to call in saying we wouldn't make it).

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