Monday, May 4, 2009


Right now its 5'o clock in the morning, and I am so sleepy.
I'm so tired to mindlessly surfing on the Internet, I should have been working on my college paper revisions, which are due today. Even though the Internet is a great tool I can't help to start thinking that it can make you even more lazy than TV does.
That's why entertainment seems like it is so rehashed nowadays and music is downloaded illegally so often, it's because of laziness. I feel like I have a serious computer usage problem that God and my parents need to help me with. I can bet you a million dollars that when I have children, their computer use will be minimal or only what they need.

On another note, what's really the big deal about twitter? It just seems like facebook status to me. I don't know why everybody would need to know what you are doing all the everyday. This just seems like a waste of time and will soon go the way of xanga and friendster.

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