Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was basically a normal day, I had to go to my college class after having class off on Wednesday. I think I should have checked the weather online before I asked my dad to drive me because as soon as we got to the community college, it started pouring heavy rain. Then dad started yelling about me bringing my computer since it could short circuit in the rain. Class actually turned out to be very short ( only ten minutes!). I think the reason for this was not many people come to class on Friday. Thank goodness that I had my cell phone because my parents would had not known I was out early ( there was barely any signal). I can't believe that the day I have money, the cafe is closed! Note: on monday, the last day of class. Later that day dad ordered pizza, and I got a p'zone (A little too much for me). Right now I am watching 20/20 with my brother, and i'm thinking I should go to bed soon.


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