Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cheap Person

I'm not sure about you guys, but I am a person who is very cautious about what I spend with money. I seems that every time I receive money I try to hold on to as long as I possibly can until it is absolutely necessary to spend it. For example, I'll hold on to my birthday money until almost a year later. It's almost like I'm scared to get rid of money. I think if I had a steady job and received
money more often I wouldn't be so afraid to spend it because I knew I could always get more. Or maybe I really am just a cheap person? I hope I can break this fear of spending money soon because then I will have a lot of problems when I become an adult. Do any of you have this problem


Christine said...

nah, it's a good problem, because there are too many ppl who just spend everything they have, and go into debt. i think it's a good thing. and yeah, typically i kind of do that, altho i feel like i've been buying a fair amount recently... lol.

Rocky Penguin said...

yup! I am the same way!