Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy! (A but bittersweet)

About a month ago I was taking a tour of cathetral and I dropped my camera and it was completely ruined. I felt so crushed because I took that camera everywhere i went since last Christmas. But just yesterday after looking at my grade for my community college class, Dad got me a brand new one! I was so excited! Actually I had got one for Christmas But it was lacking a lot of the features that the old one had, and this new one has a battery that use just recharge by using a plug in to the wall. I so happy now I have something to takes pictures with when I go to Scotland i two months, But maybe I shouldn't have complained so much about my camera and it's lack of feature since we're kind of tight of money. I suppose I shouldn't make anymore noise about since I have a bad habit of over talking and over anylyzing. But thank you anyway Dad! :-)

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