Sunday, January 31, 2010


Since my annoying brother wants me to get off the computer soon, i'll just post some of my latest pictures really quickly:

I went to a women's basketball game with my dad the other day, it was Vilanova vs. Uconn, and the latter won. i was so fun spending time with my dad even though the home team lost. I hope we can do this again some other time as well.

Me, my little brother, and my Mom visited Chipotle Mexican Grill after hearing about it on Oprah. The food was just delicious and everything was so fresh too. I will defianitly be coming back there another day.

Also, yesterday me and Aaron went to one of our handbell instructor's (Holly's) birthday. It took forever to get to their house, it was like driving around a maze, so confusing. I was relieved once we got there,and I had a lot of fun playing games like apples to apples and four men on a couch. It made me so excited to for Scotland next month!

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