Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camera issue..

I love this camera a lot, and I've carried it with me everywhere since around December. But one this annoys me and I keep trying to figure out what the problem is. After I take a bunch of pictures some turn corrupted and end up with a "file error" message so I have to delete certain photos. Know I don't know why it does this, and it just bugs me so much. I hope I didn't do anything to it by accident.


Christine said...

weird, to me it sounds like it takes more than it can hold, and therefore loses the files, like what happened with my computer. so i'd suggest not filling it up... that's annoying tho it shouldnt do that :/

Samantha said...

Try getting a new memory card with more space (get at least a 2 or 4 GB), and try to upload the photos to your computer before completely filling it up. Also, once you've uploaded the photos, delete them from your memory card. And even if your camera has editing software on it, try to use one from your computer or online because sometimes the camera's can screw up the file.