Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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I just got back from the movie theaters, and as you can tell from the title I just finished watching Up by Disney! At first I though everyone was going to that it with me, but since my cousins were visiting and wanted to see Ice Age 3, they saw that with my siblings instead. So I had to watch this movie all by myself with soda and popcorn in 3-D.There were almost no people inside. It was a very nice movie and even had a few funny parts as well. I highly recommend that you see it. The theme of the whole story was just lovely. At the end there was a bin to recycle 3-D glasses, but because I'm a rebel I took them home! ;-)

P.S. I saw a poster for a live version of Alice in wonderland and I'm intrigued.


Mari said...

I saw Coraline in 3D yesterday, our glasses were redish though. haha.
Those actually look more like sunglasses!

Rohma said...

omg i saw that alice in wonderland trailer, it's weird! i watched avatar in 3d and the glasses made me look really bad but my friend looked hilarious! lol they were like HUGE on her face!