Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Charger

Yesterday I got my new charger to replace my old one which broke, on the other note my computer only has 8 GB left and I don't know what to do. In other news its summertime and I'm completely bored. But I won't be for long since some of my longer cousins are coming to visit in a few hours (and they are small children).I don't know why my mom invited them though since she already is stressed and they will make her even more stressed, but oh well.


Bonus picture of garden that my brothers worked on:


Christine said...

UGHH dont let your hard drive fill up!!! mine did, cuz my dad or brother or someone said this certain size was enough when it obviously didnt end up to be, so it ran otu of room and deleted all my text documents, which 2 of them happened to be the things i cared most about on the whole dang computer. it was soooo depressing. i hope i can get them back, i got one story back that i wanted to but not the ones i most wanted to. my bro still hasnt run all the scans :/

Lindsay Jordan said...

Yeah, I don't want that to happen. My dad just said I needed an external hard drive or I could just burn my pictures into a disk (they take up the most space). But I don't have enough money right now for a external hard drive.but i'll figure it out eventually.