Monday, July 27, 2009

Today was the day of my big interview at Starbucks!Since I yet again went to bed late, I was really tired in the morning, but I was fine by the time we had to leave ( Around 9:45 AM). I really made sure i was presentable so my potential boss could see that I was manageable and hard working, so I even took a long shower and moisturized my hair. At first mom wanted me to drive with her earlier around eight after she dropped off my sister for camp, but I was far too tired to move . At Starbucks I noticed something that I had never seen before, I never relized they had coupons for free songs on itunes (This makes me want to come back every week).

I felt really nervous as my mother left me with my Caramel frappachino on a small table while I read the New York times. It didn't help that I could hear and interview already going on right next to me! I though I had filled in the application correctly, but stupid me! I was suppose to do it in pen! After I finished a brand new application for a moment I thought the manager had forgotten about me, but about 30 minutes later I ended up asking at the front counter. Throughout the whole interview I felt so sweaty and nervous, but I don't think I paused as much and said as many "ums" as I did when I had a lifeguard interview. I felt a little self conscious after hear the last girls interview and how much experience she had. But I will just pray untill Wensday beacuse that's when the manager will call me to tell me if I got the job or not.

Afterwards I felt a since of relief since all I have to do now is wait for that phone call. For about two hours later I had to wait for my mom to come back and pick me up after getting my little sister from camp. Luckily I passed the time by I'Ming on my phone and reading the newspaper. I was so happy when mom finally pull in from the road. I spent the rest of my time out at Barnes & Noble eat a sandwich, reading and drinking coffee. As you can see in the picture I also got quite a few book that I plan to read (I even saw the pride and prejudice zombies book but didn't get it). So i'm going toend this post so I can take a get.

Untill We meet again,


Christine said...

hey awesome. sounds like you did great =] hopefully you'll get the job, huh? btw i didn't know about the free songs from itunes coupons.. i wonder if they exist here... cuz that's awesome lol. btw, like your new banner ^.^

Samantha said...

Good luck! Hope you get it!
By the way, love the new header!