Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Get Physical


Good Morning!

I have out of shape for a while and today I decided to finally get back on an exercise regime.The program that I picked is call "couch to 5k" and it's suppose to get you from running small distances to running 5K's in nine weeks. The program is nice because it starts off small and then eventually add more work so it build off of your strength. So anyway I just finished the first work out and I can already tell that I have a long way before I start running 5K's at all. I still even have sweat running from my face, so I had to turn on a fan. I can still feel my heart beat fast. But I was prepared because I eat fruit loops and an orange for breakfast and had a nice shower beforehand. Speaking of showers, my mom is telling me that I should take another one.


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