Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clothing and Short People

I'm a girl, and most girls especially teenage girls like to look nice in good looking clothes right? Well its very hard to find the trendiest best fitting clothes if your 5 foot tall and even worse when your a little bit overweight.

Every time my mom takes me shopping it's a huge pain. Most of the clothing stores that I think have nice clothes (H&M, Charlotte Russe) don't really fit me well. Since I gain weight in certain places and not all over a lot of the clothes fit me in some places on my body and sticks out or squeezes in others. And when I go up a size that's the worse because then the clothes make me even look even shorter than I am and often are too long and look baggy. And when my mother actually finds clothes that fit me, I end up thinking they look ugly and are something that only she would wear out. These clothes are ususally from stores like lane Bryant, outlet stores, Chico's, and places that only people in their 40s and up would shop at.

I guess this is a sign that I need to become healthier since I always feel so lazy and week. It seems the only way I would fit into these nice clothes would be to stay constantly slim, or I could dream to grow about four inches. I just wish that I could find some stores that fit small women perfectly and look good as well.

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Rohma said...

i completly know what u mean!!!!!!! im only 5ft as well n i hate my body shape! nothing perfectly fits!