Sunday, July 12, 2009

Which one?

So yesterday I got two job applications to apply for my very first job. One was from Wendy's, and the other was from Barnes and Noble. On monday I plan to drop them off at their respected stores and wait for one or two weeks. This makes me so nervous beacuse as I said before i've never had a job before and I don't know what to epect at all. But I hope that one of them accepts me beaucse I think it would be a great opertunity for me to grow and learn. So, wish me luck!


Christine said...

cool =)) hope you get one of the jobs! my friends have been applying at all sorts of places but they arent getting anything :/

Alanna said...

I would go with barnes and noble if you have the choice, you know, working in book stores is actually really nice. I have never worked in a fast food place but I can only imagine it being greasy and stressful. I would also only wait one week. They usually have things figured out by than and if you wait, then they may asssume you dont really want the job that much