Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home, Sweet, Home?

I was lurking around the internet and I found some pictures of very strange houses. Would any of you want to live in these homes?

Edit: I found out that picture #4 was a hoax using Photoshop


Libby said...

haha, wow, those houses are amazing!! I love the one thats sort of built out of the cliff! =)

Christine said...

a shoe house????! O___O OMG THE THIRD ONE IS AMAZING!!<333 hahaha i looove the second to last too, omg awesome! but HOW ON EARTH do you leave it? are you like, stuck there your whole life, secluded from everyone else? how painful... i might just jump off the yard there it'd be so depressing :P lolz maybe they have a helicopter... NO WAIT i just looked again A SKII LIFT HOW AWESOME!!! but it looks like the house could fall over in a second its so top heavy, haha, but it's prolly got a good base underneath... lol. thanks for posting those, they granted me some good amusement haha.

Samantha said...

Those are awesome! I like the shoe house (wasn't there a children's poem/story about a little old lady who lived in a shoe?? Hmmm). The one up high in the water makes me think of Rapunzel. :)