Saturday, July 11, 2009


I found this tutorial on a website and thought it sounded really cool:

From UKMix, Bhaggers:

Here's this really cool thing you can do to see which words feature the most in your music collection (larger size means more times present):

01 - In your iTunes/iPod library, make sure you only have the TITLE, ARTIST & ALBUM columns up, and then press CTRL + A, then CTRL+C to copy all the words. After you have done that, unhighlight everything.

02 - Go to and click on 'Create'. Press CTRL + V in the box and press go.

03 - Change the preferences to your Wordle using the toolbar

04 - Press PRINT SCREEN on yuor keyboard and paste the picture into Photoshop/Photo Editing Software/ even Microsoft PowerPoint!!!

05 - Crop the photo so only the wordle remains, and then save the picture :
(Photoshop/Photo Editing Software - click on "Save for Web & Devices"; make sure you're saving it as .jpeg/.gif/.png.
PowerPoint - right click on photo and click on "Save Picture", and make sure its being saved as .jpeg/.gif/.png.)

06 - Upload photo to internet using Photobucket / / ImageShack etc etc. & post link/photo here

Now you try it!

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